We cannot find women who match us

I have heard this statement from so many male-dominated enterprises. 

To be clear, the male-dominated enterprises I follow are super smart, widely read, complex thinkers. They often achieve a cult-like status in the world of hyper-progressive edge thinkers.

I wonder about this statement, for I know it is not true.

It is true that they cannot find women who are cookie cutters of them. Same same.

Yet this is both the paradox and the irony. 

Same same is what got humanity into the mess we are in. 

Same same is safe. It assures the maintenance of identity and power. It comes with privilege of access to audiences.

Women who match are not the same, they are complimentary. Equally intelligent but different. They do provoke. They can tackle complexity with fluency. They rarely force their voice onto a platform, preferring to remain diligent in their work producing outcomes as demonstrations.

For men who state they cannot find women who match them, if you are committed to finding them, perhaps look in different places than you would go. Open your eyes and see the brilliant difference. And do not be afraid.

Most of all, consider that women who match you are everywhere around you, patiently waiting, not demanding, to be seen.

Photo Taken March 8th 2023