We must ask why

I look at the world this morning, my heart still broken. My sense of hope in disarray.

I look at the rise of the populist leaders worldwide. The hard right, anti-immigration, anti-diversity, anti-humanity for all who are not a facsimile of themselves. 

Racism, bigotry,  the “I do not give a ‘f**ck about you” attitude, and I wonder why.

We must ask why. We must consider how this comes to be.

In Australia, they say those of higher education and with inner city lives, plus the young people, voted in favour of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The same people who want strong action on climate change, the removal of corruption in politics, and a progressive response to government. 

It is the outer city and rural areas that voted No. These are the working-class suburbs. Those who are struggling with the cost of living and housing crisis feel they have been neglected for decades by both sides of politics. And they have. 

Into this arena steps a populist leader who appears to speak for them. (They never do. It is the game of politics, which is, for the most part, with rare exception, about power rather than about representation. Those politicians who seize the populist platform of hate and fear are more likely to be bloated with wealth through extracting from the very people they proclaim to be serving.) 

Until we understand how opportunity has been hollowed out for most of the world, until we address the systemic issues that enable an accelerating divide between the extremely wealthy and everyone else, until we can tip this system on its head, we will get more hard right.

More hate. More violence. More ethnic cleansing. 

The metacrisis we are dealing with – the intersection of climate catastrophe, accelerated rogue technology, corruption, capitalism – must be addressed. 

Yet, if history teaches us anything, it is that humanity needs to be broken for real change to occur.

Those of us working on new systems, structures and models on the other side of this breakdown need to keep focused and continue our work together. 

Today, I will return my intention to the world we hope for. One where Earth and all her creatures are cared for. 

Photo Taken October 15th  2023