We need new maps

You can’t use an old map to explore a new world. Einstein

Bright-eyed social enterprises wanting to create a new world use all the old maps. Old legal codes, old methods of accounting and finance, never realising that the old maps keep them in the old world.

This is our dilemma. It is impossible to create a world with a future if we keep animating the very system that created our current world. 

The very foundations of our systems need to change. All of it. Money earning money from money without producing any real value. Money as the decider of value for all things, insisting that we put a price on the immeasurable sacred. 

The inbuilt imperative to grow and consume. 

We need new maps. New models. Urgently. We need to pull the switch on the models and maps we have. If we do not, our demise will be rapid.

Photo Taken October 1st  2023