We see the new through the lens of the old

And this is the problem. 

How do we take the best of the old and see the new through the lens of new?

Imagine you have been in a relationship for a long time. Your partner is committed to a change of habit and behaviour. Are you able to see them through the lens of who they are seeking to become? Or do you repeatedly see them as they have been?

How does it feel to have your partner and friends continue to see you as you are no longer? 

When we are designing a new way to honour human value and contribution, how do we find the escape velocity to get past the old sticky systems that we are trying to design away from? 

New models and maps require not just new thinking, but new sight.

We need to learn how to see with the eyes of the new. Fresh. Innocent. A clean sheet of paper. All rules are off the table. Every assumption challenged.

This is where transformative innovation comes from. 

Where the new looks nothing like the old. 

January 15th 2020

Photo taken January 15th 2020