How do you describe the circumstances where the whole of you is enabled to be expressed to the fullest degree? In Integral Accounting we call this well being.

It doesn’t mean minimum standards….it doesn’t mean survival. It means thriving.

If we begin from the premise that every human has a unique contribution to make that is valuable, that they have skills and talents that make their contribution vital and needed for the success of all of humanity, then well being is when the environment and conditions support that fullest expression. They are not constrained by either lack or overwhelm in any domain. They have sufficiency of commodity, custom and culture, knowledge, money, and technology.

Further to this, they express their well being without doing harm to others or environment. There is a synergistic wholeness that occurs.

Well being is the outcome of a healthy whole. It is the evidence of systems and humanity working.

Well being includes health, vitality, energy, love, belonging, connection, safety, abundance, ease, flow, freedom, beauty, joy, community,  and alignment.

It doesn’t exclude anyone or thing. It doesn’t impose or dominate. Neither does it reduce, or belittle.

Is well being aspirational? Certainly in many instances in our current world.

Aspiration for well being for all is a good thing. Absent of this aspiration and humanity is diminished. Absence of the intention for well being in our corporations and communities is causing untold harm.

The practice of Integral Accounting supports well being for all. Or, the intention to enable well being for all invites Integral Accounting. The two are different expressions of the one.

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