What are you afraid of?

Consider fear. False Evidence Appearing Real.

A sick culture is built on fear. Those who love power use fear as their weapon of choice.

When people are lost in fear, they do silly things and make bad choices. They believe in boogie men and shadows. 

Therefore, it is always a worthy endeavour to examine what we fear to know where we are captured. 

This is an inner excavation of truth. 

I know people who project an immunity to fear, wrapping their self-deception in a cloak of story as a method to convince themselves as much as others of their immunity. The fear is real, and visible behind the facade.

What am I afraid of? I consider this question, as it has changed over time, as it should. Out in the surf, when a big wave comes, I fear being dumped so thoroughly that I cannot breathe. This is a fear to be conquered. I am not afraid of sharks. One cruised by us yesterday. (A Leopard Shark, harmless.) I am yet to fully reconcile my fear of aging and slowing, down – dying. There is work to be done here. 

What are you afraid of?

Photo Taken June 22nd 2023