Devote – late 16th cent. (in the sense [dedicate formally, consecrate] ): from Latin devot- ‘consecrated,’ from the verb devovere, from de- ‘formally’ + vovere ‘to vow.’

Devotion invites a vow. Vows are more high frequency than a promise. Vows are solemn promises.  A vow is an archetype. To make a vow is to place yourself on the alter of your life as an offering. It brings in the sacred. Like it or not.

To break a vow is to break self into pieces, to fragment. There has to be a transformation and metamorphosis.

Look at your life and you will see what you have been devoted to.

My devotions…

My health…this has been a cornerstone of my existence. My life is built around the devotion to health of mind body and spirit. Great sleep, and enough sleep…a good bed, beautiful sheets, the right pillow (white goose love),

The evening prayer and reading from my large collection of poetry of the mystics. Hafiz, Kabir, Rumi. Beauty and mysticism the fertilization of my dreams.

Then a gratitude prayer as I slip into sleep….thank you thank you thank you..

And in the morning…a ritual of light…the abundance of light streaming into my being…and the remembering of my true nature and her radiance.

Being up with the sun, outdoors, in nature as I express myself through my exercise. Running or swimming on alternate days. Usually with friends..camaraderie of shared experience.

Healthy vital food, and some balance of chocolate. Dark, Lindt chili, mostly.

Staying in constant conversation with my body/energy/spirit.

Journaling…commencing age 11 and ongoing since..

My friends around the world…keeping in touch.

My daughter…that she flourishes in her life.

My clients…that they flourish in their life.

My business….that it flourishes…

Writing…that I get out of the way and allow…

Beauty and truth….integrity in all things

The evolution of my own soul/spirit/psyche. This has been a devotion of mine for over 25 years. It is embodied in everything I do.

What is seeking my devotion?

There is a man out there… seeking my devotion and wanting to be devoted to me…

And there is a little dog…somewhere as well..a little spirit..

Play is asking for my devotion..more play…less work…more laughter and friends and shared moments.

The world is asking for my devotion in a way that is not yet expressed…it is asking me to be more daring, more bold, more courageous...

My community is whispering for me to become devoted…not sure how yet…

What are you devoted to…?