What are you primed for

When the out-of-the-blue opportunity lands, does it land in fallow soil? 

Have you cultivated the field of your longing? 

Have you done the groundwork, moved through apprenticeship towards mastery? Given your whole self to become the vessel that can hold and nurture that which you desire to bring to life?

Are you primed for what you want to steward most of all?

When a Source Idea lands it will only grow roots if we have created the environment for its flourishing.

This is an ingredient of intention. The hard work of preparation. It might take years, decades….

When the Source Idea arrives into a primed Soul, that Soul has everything needed to bring it to life. One step at a time. One need met at a time. Not the way we humans would wish it, in a safe and entirely provisioned wrapper.

But the next step, the next need, the next provision…the next twist of creativity, innovation and novelty, will become.

It is the dance of emergence.

What are you primed for? And where do you need to apply your intention/attention towards cultivating your field of opportunity?

Photo taken May 8th, 2019