What can I do?

When we see suffering and pain around us, when we look at the operating system behind our current world order, the question, what can I do, calls.

And will it be enough?

These questions arise from a place that knows we can make a difference. Confusion around the size and scale of our actions is ill-founded. A honey bee has no idea that the result of honey gathering is life on Earth. 

You can never know the value of a smile to a stranger. It can, and does, change lives.

The answer to the question of what I can do is simple. 

Bring your whole self, consider the whole and do so with a clear purpose to increase the well-being of Earth and all her creatures now and into the future.

The complexity lies in knowing and accepting our whole self. In the thoughtful consideration of the whole. And the willingness to explore consequences to be confident we are supporting the increased well-being of Earth and all her creatures.

Photo Taken June 8th 2023