What chapter are you in

One of the many benefits of age is the ability to look back with the advanced perspective of knowing how things turned out.

When you are in the thick of difficult, when there appears to be no way out, when life keeps throwing curve balls and the pain appears endless…when someone at this point says that this too will end, it is so hard to believe them. 

To find a thread to cling to, to see through dark clouds…feels impossible.

When we binge-watch a TV series or read a great book, there are trials and tribulations, challenges that seem impossible, breakdowns and breakthroughs that make the series so compelling. It is not one endless stream of sameness. 

What chapter are you in? 

And given that you now might consider being in a chapter, and not at the end of the story, how might the story change? How might you write your way towards an ending that has joy and light?

What I know to be true is that the page will turn. Miracles do happen. They just do not happen when I want them to. They happen in attunement to a greater time frequency called Kairos time. (Divine time)

To become still and find the peaceful centre in the storm as it rages around and through you, to know that a new page will be written, one that you cannot predict, to do all you can now with integrity, courage, love…to sow the field of grace with the goodness of your heart and being…is to be in action with intention towards a new chapter.

The page is turning, the pen is poised…

November 20th 2019

Photo taken November 20th, 2019