What else might unify us

This past Sunday, my partner and I paddled on a standup paddleboard about a kilometre from the beach to be on the whale superhighway.

Then we had to wait, hoping that some whales might pass by as they headed south, home to the Antarctic.

We were lucky. Mum, Dad and baby whale came right beside us, less than 15 metres from us. They swam beside us, around us and then went right under us.

It was an incredible few moments.

These giant creatures are so beautiful, their sonar systems beyond human understanding. I was squealing in delight, hoping to convey my pleasure to the mammals – to let them know in human noise how delighted I was to share a few precious moments with them.

I would like to think they got my message. They seemed playful. 

My short time with the whale family provided some balm to the heartbreak of what humans do to each other, and to the animals and Earth.

As we returned to shore, I thought about how a whale experience brings most humans a sense of happiness. Even those who hate other humans. There are those humans who will think nothing of killing whales and other creatures. Yet I believe many of us, no matter our beliefs and ideas, will unite in the joy of being close to a whale. 

I wonder what else might unify us in a radically polarised world?

Photo Taken October 17th  2023