What if the word mine did not exist in language

My mentor of 35 years, Buckminster Fuller, called himself a Trimtab. A Trimtab is the tiny little end rudder on the rudder of the boat that causes directional change. The smallest pressure change equivalent would turn a massive boat.

If the word ‘mine’ was not in our language, if we could not hold a worldview that included mine, would this be a Trimtab for change?

It is not my toy. Not my land. Not my tree. 

It is our toy. Our land. Our tree. 

And we are all responsible for it.

It is not my wealth. My money. My time.

It is our wealth. Our money. Our time.

I am you, and you are me, and we are tree and sky. What I do affects you, and the stranger.

The river is the bloodstream of our health. The forests are our lungs.

There have been people of the land who did not hold a worldview that included me or mine.  This way of being is not new to humanity. 

For all of our advancements in technology, we, the people separate from life itself, have much to learn from those who never separated. 

Photo Taken June 24th 2023