What is a Source Idea?

Ideas come and go all day long. From the simple idea to do the washing, to an idea that seizes you to commit to something significant.

At Syntropic World we speak of the Source Idea of an enterprise to ensure we go back to the moment of the ideas arrival. Its very Source. In that moment the idea has a purity of integrity, a Pattern Integrity, that is easily lost as we progress towards the ideas manifestation.

At the time of arrival an idea doesn’t have form, yet there is a quality to the idea, a set of values, a thread, and a directionality that cannot be denied. We call that its Pattern Integrity.

A Source Idea to create an enterprise must animate you to act. Indeed it might make non action impossible. It seizes you. It will tug at the corners of your dreams. It will appear again when you have attempted to discard it. It has your name on it. 

And as the name carrier, even though you have no idea how to bring it to life, and you might doubt every day your ability and capacity to do so, the Pattern Integrity of the idea is so aligned to your own Pattern Integrity that as it becomes manifest, you become the person able to manifest it. It is a true partnership. 

The idea is not you, and you are not the idea. You are the steward of the idea. As the steward you are asked to remain in deep communion with the ideas Pattern Integrity in order to bring it wholely to life.

To take the time to know the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea, its contours, its colours and codes, is the most important task you can do in the early days. 

As the idea is brought to life, as its form emerges, its Pattern Integrity will be tested. Offers will be made that might violate even the smallest of the small, and therefore seemingly insignificant elements of the Pattern Integrity. As the steward of the Source Idea, you are the protector of this Pattern Integrity. 

To begin to manifest the idea from the metaphysical into the physical is a step by step, moment by moment activity. What is the next step? The smallest step. The step that is wanting to be taken, not by you imposing your ways onto the idea, but by the idea itself and its Pattern Integrity.

How do we hold the field in which we are stewarding the idea to life as sacred? How do we build our ability to trust the way being revealed as we continue to move forward? How do we trust that provisions will be there, not for the second or third step necessarily, but for this very next step?

All of these elements live in the intrinsic potential of the idea at its inception, just as the magnificence of a child or oak tree are there at their inception.

Our job as steward leaders is to create the ecology, the field, for the idea to become all that it holds within it.

Photo taken March 12th 2021