What is an Evolutionary Purpose?

To evolve is to roll up towards a growth in maturity of an individual, system or community. A purpose is something we intend to make happen, it is a thing proposed.

To have an Evolutionary Purpose is to intend a thing that has individuals, the collective and/or systems or structures grow up towards maturity.

Not everyone has an Evolutionary Purpose. Often times we have Purpose, like raising children, cultivating family, teaching others, designing communities, growing a garden. Each as important as an Evolutionary Purpose, so not to be diminished in any way.

And for large parts of life we might not have a purpose at all, or we might confuse something like living joyously and generously as not purposeful enough. To make wrong those who for now do not have a purpose or an Evolutionary Purpose is to negate the power of natures own gestation and creativity, Kairos time.

People have said that our purpose is our why. Why are you doing this? Rather than scale and put the EP as superior to a purpose or no purpose at all, we might accept that there is a timing to be the stewards of a purpose.  We are not in charge of that timing.

Not having an Evolutionary Purpose is neither good nor bad. 

Those who have an Evolutionary Purpose cannot let it be silent. It is a something that generates fuel for our life. When we are working towards our Evolutionary Purpose we are alive, impassioned, focused. 

We will put up with a whole lot of discomfort when seized to bring an Evolutionary Purpose to life. 

The EP keeps us humble, learning, growing up ourselves. 

If you have an EP you can define it in simple precise words. The simplicity that lives on the other side of complexity.

An EP easily defined will create its own field of attraction. Others inspired to support it will convene around it.

It is important that it is bigger, higher, and more challenging in its expression than anyone aligned towards its creation and manifestation.

An EV will keep us humble because of its altitude above our knowing of possibility in the immediate now.

It will keep us moving in its direction. Right foot left foot, fall down, get up, but always on path towards our Evolutionary Purpose.

Matched with the Source Idea and the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea on how to bring the Evolutionary Purpose to life, we now have a pathway, a something that needs to be made manifest in order to move towards our Evolutionary Purpose. These three elements, the Evolutionary Purpose, the Source Idea and the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea PLUS the steward leader who received the Source Idea, and we have the directionality of a Syntropic Enterprise.

This before form, structure, and the careful consideration of how, and when. 

Photo taken March 15th 2021