What is atrocious enough?

In an age of everywhere-all-at-once media, what is atrocious enough? 

What is the line that when crossed, is a line too far?

Clearly, this line has moved from a standard it once took, where, say a convicted criminal, endless liar, pedophile, and tax evader can vie for one of the most powerful roles on earth, or where people can be slaughtered endlessly, horrifically, by a rogue state who simultaneously seizes every more land under the watch of the ‘democratic’ righteous West. 

I wonder, sincerely, what is atrocious enough? 

We get sidetracked by a young politician in Australia who takes a moral stand and reduces media noise to this issue, while the source of this issue, Western-sanctioned genocide, is forgotten once again. Or an old guy, clearly unable to serve another four-year term is the focus, as his criminal and pedophile opponent basks in the light thrown to him by the distraction over there.

Have we lost our minds? 

Why, I wonder, are the good people of the USA not on the streets this fourth of July in protest to their supreme court deeming the right of kings returned to a country forged to escape the right of kings? Why is anyone celebrating and not protesting? Perhaps this is the way of things, that those who took from others, those who committed genocide and stole land, will find themselves on the receiving end of the oligarchs, autocrats and fascists. Is this divine justice in the making?

Storms and floods, our Mother Nature’s rising but far from fully expressed response to our absolute disregard for her need for a healthy atmosphere. And still our politicians endorse the fossils. 

And the refugees and immigrants, people like you and me wanting the things most of us have. Food, shelter, education, safety, dignity. But no, we, those who have created the conditions for the need for refugees to escape war, famine and climate, cannot accommodate them. Fools are we. It might feel like a flood of refugees now, but it is a mere ripple of what is to come. And in the blink of an eye, refugee status might meet us, and we mighty know what it is to be uprooted, shunned, and desperate.

What is atrocious enough, I wonder? How far can we go in our sleepwalking, numbed-out cruelty? 

Photo Taken June 20th 2024