What is it like to be you

Charles Eisenstein posed this question in his excellent book, “Climate”. 

How easy is it to judge others for their choices, bias, and world view? 

How we suffer at the judgement of others who fail to consider the context of our choices.

Perhaps, as Charles suggests, we might first ask, “What is it like to be you?”

Tell me about your life, about why you choose this over that? About the world you inhabit, the struggles you have and the people who surround you? Tell me the story of your life as you have come to know and believe it? 

Until we can sit with our fellow humans, those we might easily call enemy, and seek to deeply inquire into their ‘who’ until we can have a Conversation For Understanding..really seek to understand them, their world view, their path to here..to these choices…this decision…we do not have the right to judge. For the truth is we are seeing through the lens of our own discrimination, bias, and righteousness and we see but a fraction of what has created the ecology in which this person is making choices that conflict with ours.

I do it too often. Yet I feel deeply hurt when it is done to me.

If we are not separate, if your hurt is mine, and the hurt to Earth is the hurt to us all, we might begin with the clear intention to understand…’ What is it like to be you?’

(..Learn the process to have a conversation for understanding here.)

November 13th 2019

Photo taken November 13th, 2019