What fascinates me in life is the things that we humans take for granted, without question.

One of the reasons I fell in love with the work of Buckminster Fuller was because right out of the gate he challenged everything he was taught. Not to be contrary. But to find truth.

“What is a straight line?” Who would think to ask that question as a child in first grade. And then he would go on to argue with the teacher, rightly so, that there is no such thing as a straight line.

Almost all of our lives are built upon assumptions about things that we have been told and have believed are real. Like the existence of straight lines. Or that one plus one plus one equals three. (Ask me to show how it can equal four.)

If we are to grow up as a humanity and make it passed this next tenuous stage we must start to ask questions that challenge the ground of assumptions we have built lives on. Sure, there is a danger that in asking the ground beneath our feet might no longer hold us up. And this is scary territory. But to insist that the world is flat and that the earth is the centre of the Universe around which the planets revolve is to live in delusion. And we are living in delusions. All of us.

So what is money? (See my answer below.) The truly scary thing is that almost everyone cannot answer this question with any degree of understanding.

How about…what is debt? (I covered this in a 5 part series that begins here.)

Or why are we told that a house in an investment? And that having a mortgage is a good thing and something to strive for? Did anyone ask why? Really why?

And if there is no such thing as a straight line, how is the Universe constructed? What shape does space have?

Or questions like…how does our financial system work? Our banks? The Reserve Bank?

What is a company? Why does it limit liability and what does that mean? What are the alternatives?

Why must we pay interest if we get a loan? Is there an alternative? Who said that making money was the prime imperative of all activities? Is this true?

The search for truth is the only way to break free from our delusions.

Many of the truths are carefully protected…for to discover them would unleash rebellion, shock and a refusal to engage. Like the high probability that Jesus and Mary Magdaline were lovers, Mary was the highest of the apostles, and quite probably bore a child to Jesus. (This truth would unravel the entire basis of Catholicism, most of Christianity, and certainly the patriarchy.)

The time has come…we simply must seek the whole truth. We must take responsibility for truth, and not delegate it to other authorities.  For in so doing we void our own sovereignty and play the fool puppet on the string of a grand master of deception.

The truth at any price including the price of your life.

Money is an agreement within a community to use something as an exchange and to store value. The function of money is as a unit of exchange and a storage of value. Without the agreement, and without the trust, we would not have money to start.

Photo credit: Creative Commons License jenny downing via Compfight