What is the real reason that you get up in the morning and apply yourself to your business?

To make money is not the answer. Why do you make money?

To buy freedom? And when you are free, what does freedom give? What is at the core of what you want from freedom?

Or do you make more money to have more stuff? What does the stuff give you? And then what does it give you?

What is the real reason you stay super busy? To feel successful? To avoid feeling? To avoid feeling something that terrifies? Like love, intimacy, connection? Or some hurt inside that silence and quiet will arouse?

If you do not know the real reason then you will spend your days, years and decades building things that in the end will leave you deeply unsatisfied.

Hint. The real reason has never got anything to do with stuff, or money, or power, or security. Oh, and you can ask this question about any action you take in the world. Even the ones you take in anger, jealously and out of fear.

Start telling yourself the truth. It is the only thing that will set you free.

*when you get to the bottom of this…it’s likely to be a feeling that you are after. Not a thought or a reason at all.



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