What is truth – contemplations

The question of truth is complex. 

If I drop an apple from my hand, gravity takes over.  This is truth. It applies to humans living in our physical Universe, therefore it is context-driven. If I drop an apple when I am in space, or at the level of quanta, the truth will be different.

Applying the generalised principles of our Earth, true in all cases at the physical level, is to partner with the wisdom held by our natural world. This is what we are doing with Syntropic Enterprise.

To make a statement, I did this, when in reality you did not, and you know you did not, and there is evidence you did not, is to lie.

To claim that the lie does not exist, that you have created a new truth, is to invite all of the consequences that come with that. That no one will be able to trust anything you say, because you keep changing it, and the context, and you will then become someone who cannot be depended upon to be there, do as you say, follow through…the act of continued lying invites chaos. We can do this to others, just as we do it to ourselves. To live a lie is to live absent trust, absent self and other respect.

Like all things, chaos is partial and requires order to stabilise it. Just as lies require truth.

Chaos is wild, untrammelled, directionless, unpredictable, entropic.

Yet I ask you, when you were very very young, did you know somewhere in your bones the difference between a lie and the truth when a parent or guardian asked you a question? Most of us, unless we are born absent social or moral queues, know the difference.

If you search deep, do you know that to randomly take the life of another human (or living being) without provocation or defence, is to violate some Truth, a moral code that prevents us from degenerating into monsters?

Depending upon our upbringing, our moral and ethical code is built upon stabilisation of truth, or propagation of chaos. The alcoholic addict family is known for their ability to lie as if it means nothing…both to themselves and to others.

If we are simply tracking energy and coherence of truth or lies, truth does create coherence and harmony…we know when we listen to a piece of music if it is created in truth to its source… whereas lies create the cacophony of distortion.

Truth is a harmonic, it is beauty, elegance, respect. It has directionality, a clear and present force. It is Syntropic.

Leadership that is based on perpetual lying creates and exacerbates a field of chaos and distortion. The example set is that my word can be changed at whim. I care not the consequences. I will do as I please, and in so doing, extend the field of chaos. In the chaos is a breakdown, a destruction.

For the people being led, this is exhausting. There is no stability. No area to be trusted, except the ongoing propagation of chaos. 

When we are brought up on a diet of lies, as most of humanity has been at the political level for decades/centuries, we either become numb to them, or so consumed by the chaos that the way forward seems impossible. Anyone or anything who expresses dominion is attractive to us, even as they spout 1000 lies before breakfast. That, or we too become a field of lies.

To counter all of this, integrity means to hold its shape. For anything to be in integrity, we must have created the counterbalance of the forces of chaos and stability. The design itself prevents either a blowing apart or a collapse.

In the field created by integrity lives harmony, infinite possibility, trustworthiness, syntopy…

At this time in human affairs, the scale has tipped so precariously to the lie. The reset will happen as the storms of chaos reign. Conditions will become untenable. Breakdown and entropy will become exponentially greater.

We might be able to thank our current liars-in-chief for accelerating the process.

Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to become Integrity. 

To hold our shape, our truth, our Pattern Integrity. We know what this is if we dare look. It arrived with us, at birth. We see it clearly in others, just as they see it in us. 

This is not easy. Yet it is the most liberating act of our existence. 

Thank you for joining me. No act of integrity is too small.

January 6th 2020

Photo taken January 6th 2020