What Now? The playground of today.

I was chatting with my 86-year-old father yesterday. Age isn’t so much biological as the stubborn refusal to stay current to change.

He has persisted in his isolation by refusing to learn to be digitally fluent. He misses out, wilfully, and sadly, on frequent and regular connection with his children and grandchildren scattered over the world.

To not be digitally fluent today is to be truly isolated, and to miss the incredible opportunity available to everyone.

Unlimited knowledge and learning…and almost all of it available at no monetary fee.

The industrial age just took its last breath..oh…about 3 weeks ago.

Sold out. Webcams, Computers. Lighting. Audio. Our necessary rush to go online, to work from home, to take education online…has been the final breath of an old system.

What now? No one really knows.

But we do know that along with the industrial age, so many of our incumbent systems are dead, in lag. Many of our Politicians have yet to realise that they are whipping dinosaurs, trying to get them to move. 

The learning curve is steep. How to do this. How to survive. How to seed the new age.

Learning…figuring it out, innovating, collaborating, questioning…

And might I suggest, that we do this while holding a deep intention to evolve to a more beautiful world for all…

This is the playground of today.

April 29th 2020

Photo taken April 28th, 2020