You have reached rock bottom. You are able to speak about your crash/loss without shame and guilt, bringing humility and compassion to the story.

Now you enter a stage of silence. All the noise, panic, haste, fear, confusion, upset, anger, shame, paralysis…goes away.

There is just silence and spaciousness. It feels peaceful. The world looks different, because it is different. You are different.

Things you thought exceedingly important are no longer important. Busy-ness seems so unnecessary. You wonder at all the people rushing too and thro’ caught in some state of their own panic.

You have a taste for the simple. You may go through a period of throwing all the excess away. The whole process has removed everything but the most significant from your life. You find the joy in that.

You now treasure the little things. The touch of the sun, the sound of the birds, the smell of cut grass, the hug of a child. The ability to place two feet on the floor each day when you wake.

Through all of this something truthful is wanting to emerge. Something more real than ever before. You can sense it, but it hasn’t fully revealed itself to you.

This is a time to celebrate the quiet. To breath in the stillness. To be present to the beauty of life unfolding around you.

It is not a time for haste, for reckless decisions. It is a time to be open to the depths of your soul…the aspects of self that lie below the surface. Parts of you long denied, wanting to be heard.

Pay attention. Everything is speaking to you…As David Whyte says so well in his beautiful poem, Everything is Waiting for You,

You must note
the way the soap dish enables you,
or the window latch grants you freedom.

You have come too far and at such great cost. To squander this time which may contain the seeds of something that will make everything…everything…worth it…is to squander a gift beyond price.

For Stage 6. Emergence

For Stage 4. Rock Bottom