Anything worth doing well goes through a period of deep consideration. To grow a beautiful garden prepare the soil well. To create a remarkable space for an event cover off every little tiny detail. To build a new home, plan all the aspects, spaces, traffic flows…to build a new business take the time to be ever so clear on the why, the what and the how.

You will find yourself waking at 2.23AM…not in fear…but with the delicious sense of something exciting wanting to emerge.

To grow a new life after loss, take the time to nurture your own process. The process may be counter-intuitive. If prior to your crash you were a ‘go hard’ person, take your time. If you took your time, move with more haste.

Often what is emerging may not even look like it holds any possibility for a future. It may be some small impulse…to connect with someone you have not spoken to in an age…or to take a class, do something creative, read a certain book.

The spaciousness that has been created for you allows long forgotten aspects of self to emerge. Let them emerge.

The pathways will lead you to a more authentic expression of your whole life…if you let them.

How many times do we get to start with a clean canvas, with nothing to lose, because it has already been lost? These precious times only occur a few times in a lifetime. Don’t rush it…and certainly do not default back to behaviour and habits that took you on the path to the crash in the first place.

The world is full of people so trapped in the life they have  created that the risk of losing it all prevents them from moving towards what they most want? The horrible catch 22.

Now is your time to create what you most want. The path to here has been too long and cost too much. Don’t squander it.

For Stage 7.

For Stage 5. Silence