It’s 2.23AM and the question is not is it too early…

The question is…

Is it too late?

We have but one precious life, one go at the whole merry-go-round, one you, one planet, one experiment.

It is 2:23AM and the questions keep coming, each one a hammer, each daring you to answer:

Am I living the adventure?

Am I dreaming too small?

Am I making a damn difference?

Am I legend?

Am I done?

You know in your soul that something is not working. You know our current economics make us financially rich and spiritually poor. That business as usual is screwing the planet and its people.

It is 2:23AM and it is time for change.

For Part 2. Your Story

Photo credit: Christine McDougall (that would be me)


PS…a large part of the copy of this blog was written by the remarkable Dan Goldstein, of db5.

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