You are what many would call successful, although you may not feel that about yourself. You generally function at a very high level. You have built things. You lead a team. You have many trophies, which may include awards, titles, status, recognition, high income, the high floor office, the right house in the right street and children going to the right schools.


From the outside, people would see you as successful, capable, highly productive and highly efficient.


But appearances can be deceptive. You often find yourself awake at 2.23AM. In the beginning, you had no idea why you kept waking. There was no rational reason you could identify. It was as if you had an itch that you could not scratch. But now, night after night, it is as though something is calling you…some deep and unexpressed desire. A desire for more purpose, meaning and significance…above and beyond the glittering title and real estate acquisitions.


Or perhaps there is a reason.


You may have a relationship that is just not thriving. Or a business that feels soulless. Or an executive team that play futile political games.


And while you are highly effective and highly functioning, if anyone could do an audit of exactly where you spend your thinking time, they would be surprised to find how much time goes towards pondering how to turn around a failing relationship, or building the kind of company you have always wanted to, or creating a team who just get it and get on with it…


Imagine if all that thinking was directed to creating what you most deeply desire…? How much more effective would you be?


Your 2.23AM moments are filled with thoughts that recycle…and recycle…and recycle…


And you feel utterly alone. In your aloneness you also feel as if you are supposed to know how to do this…know the answers…and this not knowing makes you feel somewhat ridiculous, or impotent… should be able to figure this out…to fix it. Weakness and not knowing do not sit well with you.


What is calling to you may create concern that you might have to give up a lifetime of identity building. The CEO of “x”. Or the guy who is the smartest at “y”. Your peers may think you have lost the plot…and that bothers you. Who are you without the title, or the business, or the relationship?


Often you feel completely exhausted with the endless striving. The forever ‘keeping things together’, ‘looking good’, and hard-core competition.


If you are really honest, you know that the way we are doing things in the world is no longer working. But to admit this means such big changes…and you fear your business and your relationships may not survive or thrive if you take this path.


You intuit that there is another way. But how and where to find it?


2.23AM offers a place to find your way through this….


We are building a global community and a platform to navigate 2.23AM moments. To craft beautiful businesses. To lead from the future.


We hope you will join us.

Part 1. The Call

Part 3. Questions that long to be answered


Photo credit: Christine McDougall