What we do to nature we do to ourselves

We are fractals of fractals, patterns within patterns. Connections through connections.

The miracle of photosynthesis, something we humans have yet to reproduce, takes light from our Sun and turns it into food that nourishes all sentient beings.

Forests, soil, water, air, and oceans are not separate. Interwoven. A rich tapestry of systems within systems. Animals, the human animal, all a vital part. No mistakes, no one animal without purpose.

And towards a balance, a breathing in and out, we move, never finding it, for equilibrium is stasis, and stasis is death. 

Let us not get trapped in an endless argument of how or by what we have arrived at a serious derangement of our natural systems. 

Instead, to acknowledge that the balance is so far out, that the polarisation that is evident between humans is evident in nature.

That this extreme place of dis-harmony is dangerous to all of life. That the pain we feel at the loss of another species is the pain we feel when we lose a brother or sister.

I choose to turn my focus to what we remarkable humans can do towards an eternally regenerative Universe. To learn from our mistakes, and rather to blame or criticise, for those trapped deep within the container of human constructed systems that keep us separated from the rivers of life, know not that they are trapped, to design instead ways of being fully human, able to contribute to all of life, in a way that evokes elegance, beauty and love.

This is the purpose of Syntropic Enterprise.

December 18th 2019

Photo taken December 9th, 2016