We enable elegant human coordination and synergy

We are pioneers in enterprise design and human coordination.

For a world with a future.

We place the sacredness of life at the centre of everything.

As a global education platform, community and consultancy, we deliver new models, maps and language to enterprise design, human coordination and accounting for the whole value of an ecosystem.

Changing the way business is designed from end to end.

The greatest exponential technology is a collective of people working synergistically.

The meta-crisis we face on our home planet requires elegant human coordination where ecologies of synergy become normal operations.


Create an enterprise where people can do the best work of their lives.

Discover a framework for human coordination so individuals move from following their self-interests to cooperating and collaborating.

Rebuild trust and integrity back into business, economy and community.

Move from strategic planning to strategic intention.

Create an economy that serves people and nature.

Apply Nature’s Coordinate system to everything.

If you are an entrepreneur or enterprise with a BIG vision, then let’s ensure everything you do is a model for the world you wish to see.


Welcome to Syntropic World. 

No ridiculous claims. No get-rich-quick scheme.  Integrity is all things.


Passionate about a world with a future, enterprise design, prosperity with integrity, zero exploitation, zero extraction to extinction, zero colonisation. 

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