What would persuade you you are wrong?

I am applying this question to my beliefs and certainties. 

I look back at my life and recall beliefs I had with total conviction ten years ago that I now see as untrue.

And I wonder how I might look back at my beliefs and opinions in 2023 and have a similar experience. The beliefs I hold as sacred ground today will be revealed to me as untrue or partially true. 

Unless we challenge the things that we hold as absolutely true, unless we are prepared to interrogate them first, before we invite interrogation by others, then we display the very righteous fundamentalism that has polarised the world.

Age has us recognise that more often than not, truths are partially true. Growing with wisdom might make us more fluid than rigid as we age. Yet so often older people hunker down on their beliefs. The shutters go up. This act alone ages us.

There is no convincing. Every possibility is closed. To try to change a fixed mind is a fool’s game.

What would persuade you you were wrong? Perhaps this is the better question for someone demonstrating a fixed and rigid mind. When the answer is nothing, best to walk away.

Photo Taken February 28th 2023