When life has beaten us down

It was blowing a gale on the beach this morning. Our instinct when we turn into the headwind is to contract and hunch, to reduce the mass of our body that is exposed to the force.

This instinct is strong. To contract against the headwind of conflict, of words spoken in attack. To diminish ourselves. Hideout. It might become habitual.

Martial arts teaches us to move towards, to disarm through opening instead of contraction.

To smile at the stranger who might feel threatening.

To stand taller.

It is not always the best response, yet when life has beaten us down, standing tall is a start to reclaiming the fullness of our being.

Walking against the wind today, nature once again took the role of teacher. I do so like how she does that.

September 30th 2018


Photo taken November 17th 2017


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