When we have enough resources but not enough purpose and meaning

There is a difference between having enough to live by and not enough to live for.

Are you connected with the deepest expression of your purpose? And if not, what are you doing about it? Are you committed to exploring this? Are you working with a coach or mentor to guide you? (If not, speak to me.)

Do the people who work for you have enough to live and work for when they come to the workplace? How can you help your people discover more meaning and purpose in their work?

Certainly, you will not be able to guide your staff if you do not have meaning and purpose in your work or if your company does not have meaning and purpose woven into every fibre of activity, design, and service.

An organisation that is imbued with meaning and purpose is also an engaged and productive workplace. People take more responsibility, give more, come from a place of generosity and gratitude. Customers feel the love in all their interactions and keep returning for more.

There are no losers when we build companies that constantly invite deeper engagement with meaning and purpose. Unless you count the loss of your empty, unfulfilled self and a heartless, soulless workplace.


Photo credit: BMcIvr via Compfight