When we stay silent we are complicit

In general, our silence about issues of human import makes us spectators, not citizens. In our silence, we join the ranks of the noisiest spectators.

Noisy spectators are often the rudest and most entitled. You can tell where the drama and obfuscation lie by looking at the noisy, rude, crude and bigoted.

Those in the arena doing the heavy lifting of action and change rarely have the bandwidth to engage in a verbal slinging match.

Democracy and citizenship are active expressions of individuals working to maintain both. Getting hands dirty in the arena rather than sitting in the stalls throwing cheap stones.

Passivity and spectating get us autocracy, kleptocracy and oligarchy.

If you want a different world, into the arena you go. Do not stay silent. 

*Not staying silent can include writing, demonstrating, action, speaking up, and letting others know where you stand.

Photo Taken September 26th  2023