We do not have to agree with someone, even like them. But are we able to respect them? Are we able to respect that they took a stand? Risked something? Spoke while others remained silent? Is there something we can find in another that we are able to respect?

Respect means to look again.

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin respectus, from the verb respicere ‘look back at, regard’, from re- ‘back’ + specere ‘look at’.

Every person deserves the chance to be looked at again.  To not be thrown into the trash can of immediate and instant dismissal.

To treat another with respect grants them the opportunity to show up with respect. We get to look again for some aspect we are able to respect. The door remains open.

To treat the Earth with respect grants it the right to be wise. We get to look again at what the Earth offers us. And in the looking we might see greatness.

Respect is an act of generosity. It gifts to another the chance to bring a better self to the conversation.


Photo credit: Creative Commons License B.S. Wise via Compfight