Who are we?

We are not one character but many.

We are a constellation of personalities – all with their unique expressions.

Everyone has the child, which manifests in different ways, from the nature child, to the magical child, to the eternal child.

We all have a victim, expressed through the language of blame or complaint.

Make friends with your saboteur. When things are looking too good our saboteur will be sure to break things.

And there are parts of us we will sell for something. That something might be love, safety, comfort…or risk.

These plus many other archetypal characters make us as unique as a fingerprint. 

Underneath the multiples of us lives the still quiet voice that never changes. The stage floor to the cast of characters in their different costumes.

Our task in growing up is to know the whole of us. Is it our voice speaking, or the voice of our mother father teacher.

Is this our thought, or is it the thinking of the community, our tribe? How do we untangle from the projections and enculturation? 

And when we have a decision to make, how do we access the eternal wise voice of our Soul?

Like a tangled ball of string, we start with a thread that we know is true. And then we question every action, every decision, every reflex, every habit. 

To grow up is to be able to stand in the now and be home with you. Not static, but ever-evolving.

June 20th 2019

Photo taken June 9th, 2019