Why a 100% cooperative doesn’t work for transformative change

When we live by consensus we become the average. The edges, the wild ideas and innovators AND the laggards and cautionary are merged into the mean.

This is where decay and entropy set in. 

Life and aliveness are at the edges. Caution is a good thing.

The question is then – how do we allow the voices of all as we stay at the edge? 

How do we avoid the grey zone of the mean, the middle, the consensus? 

Polarity is required for existence. 

Wisdom councils, elders, integrity councils –  these types of structures can be designed to parse the decisions of the mean. Begin with the red and blue teaming, the space and place for robust debate, counterargument, sideways and topsy-turvy thinking, and we might progress. 

But to seek transformative change through consensus and we cannot prevent entropy.

Photo Taken January 1st 2024