Why are humans in Universe?

This larger question is rarely asked. 

When we are enculturated from a young age to fit into an education system that teaches via a scorecard, to then go into a world that measures value by another scorecard, in a larger system that is hell-bent on achieving a measure of growth as the signifier of success…it is rare that we take a moment to pause and ask….what is the purpose of humanity? 

Some of us are just beginning to ask what is our individual purpose.

These are rich questions, worthy of deep consideration.

If we step back and observe, if we consider the arc of history, of humans from the beginning of our time, is there a Pattern Integrity, a thread to us as a historical collective? 

When we stand from this point of view it seems incredibly immature to build entire nations on the single measure of GDP as the arbiter of our success. 

To seek to have children learn history and maths, the sciences, language, art…and then use blunt instruments called tests to determine, to measure, if our teaching has been a success. Where the test itself then becomes the purpose, and we lose the intention to learn history…or maths…to get into its weeds, to explore, deliberate, apply critical thinking.

Our increased separation, atomisation, division…might be the side effect of our use of poorly designed measuring instruments.

We measure through separation. Division. Silos. 

Where is the integrated knowledge, the whole systems perspective? That we are not apart from Nature. We are Nature.

And how do we begin to have conversations, deep comprehensively considerate discussions about why we humans are here, what is the purpose of Australia, or the UK, or the USA? 

These questions might terrify us…they might appear too big. Too ephemeral. They challenge those in power who profit from the status quo.

Yet many of us feel that the time to begin to ask is now as the world takes a compulsory pause.

And in the process acknowledge that there is no one right answer, and perhaps no answer that stays the same for decades…rather we are a part of the flex and flow of a larger arc that might never make sense.

In the asking, there is an inherent acknowledgment that we are here for a purpose. And that each of us might indeed matter to the larger whole.

May 3rd 2020

Photo taken May 3rd, 2020