Why is this the hot topic of the day

And who is it serving.

How easily we fall into the drama trap, propagated by fourth rate media and stirred by the narcissists, monopolists, and power elite.

Distracting subjects like who gets to use a bathroom, boats and borders and African gangs, and mask mandates. Any topic can be seized and amplified with the support of a corrupt and ineffective media and the algorithm that only cares for clicks.

While the real issues of systemic political and corporate corruption, entrenched oppression, climate change, genocide and the number of women killed by male violence, is silenced behind the noise.

It is a game, and we must see the play in order to step away from the game.

Look at the hot topic of the day. The click bait news. 

Who is it serving? 

Why does it serve them?

Trump is a master of this strategy. His Trump-wanna-be’s around the world like Peter Dutton (opposition leader Australia), Boris Johnson and many others, have watched closely and play the same game. 

We have a choice. We can become ensnared in the drama, or we can see the context in which the drama lives. 

We can spend our energy on getting mad at the drama, or work to change the substrate in which the drama exists as distracting noise.

Syntropic World is working on the context, the substrate, and the structures of power that enable them.

Photo Taken October 10th 2023