Trash the instrument and there is not going to be a great sound. It matters not how pressing the demand, how big the task, how much is a stake. If you do not care for the instrument, your body, your health, then at some point you will break. And when you break there will be little opportunity to do great business.

The heroics of going hard, not sleeping, eating junk, drinking too much, being forever high on caffeine, is a fools game. It might feel fun at the start, but it will carry a high price.

Great business equals great sleep, a good amount of play, excellent fuel, some regular and fun exercise, time in nature, time to contemplate.

As a dedicated athlete and entrepreneur I was contemplating this very issue myself this morning during my swim session. I am getting older. As we do. I may not like it, but it is a fact of life.

If I loved my body, what would I do differently? I mean, if I really loved and respected my body, what would I do differently? This is a most excellent question to ask.

Would I continue to trash it with hard physical exercise, day in and day out? Maybe my time of doing this has changed? 20 years of consistent running or swimming. I have been getting structural pains, for the first time. Plus my energy to go hard is just not there. It could be an ebb and flow. Or it could be because life and time and nature has changed, and loving my body and respecting my health may mean something different now.

While a part of me hates this….another part of me thinks about the whole of life and how as young kids hard exercise was not a healthy thing either. A part of me resists ‘giving in’ to age, but then again, any form of resistance will actually block the flow. Elite athletes have to face this all the time. Their peak is often at a young age, and then they have to retire often no later than their early thirties.

Am I going for the hero in my sport, or for the health? I haven’t decided yet… it is a great inquiry.

Photo credit. Eugenio via Compfight