Wild oceans and the irrelevance of walls

The ocean this morning was wild, all foam and force. Too dangerous for humans to play in.

To live by the ocean is to learn respect. To know that no matter our human hubris, in that sea we are puppets of forces far greater than an ‘I.’

To live close to nature is to learn respect. To be humbled by land and soil and wind and rain, heat and cold.

Perhaps one of our major missteps as humans on Earth was to lose our connection to nature. To no longer be in the conversation with soil, sea, and wind, intimately. Daily.

And in the losing believe we humans have the upper hand that we have dominion.

Fools are we. 

Do we really need to call on catastrophe to wake us? 

It appears so. Today the tide was 20 feet from the windows of luxury high-rises housing hundreds of people.

At some stage, the conversation about how close the water comes to their property, and their life savings, will become urgent. 

Meanwhile, those with little, who have contributed the least to our Earth’s situation, pay the highest price.

Perhaps walls are being built under the guise of immigration as an attempted protection to the masses who will be un homed when the tide rises, and the Earth burns?

Walls, like human-made high rises, mean nothing to an ocean in rage.

Photo Taken February 17th 2019


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