The 2.23AM podcast is launching on the 23rd August 2014. Please sign up here. Today I interviewed the beautiful Hiro Boga, a business leader, my mentor and someone I respect totally.

The interview will go live August 30…and in the mean time I was captivated with this quote from Hiro. “Will power is a condiment.” Hiro’s origins are from India…and so it is no surprise that the conversation was spiced with delicious quotes like this.

In the world of business relentless will power and drive are often seen as the central thesis of an entrepreneurs existence. Yet anyone who has tried to live by sheer will will know that there is only one outcome.

Crash and burn.

Burn out…of self and quite possibly crash of a business. Will power alone is not enough to craft anything with.

As a 20 year early morning runner/swimmer in the early days I had to call on will power to maintain a practice that supported my whole life, and was informed by my desire to stay healthy on all levels. Sure, there were days when getting out of a warm bed in the dark required will power. I rarely need will power now…the value I get from my daily practice far exceeds the need for will power.

And that is the point…if I did not have a clear desire to honour my own body’s need for physical movement, and my intention to stay healthy on all levels, then all the will power in the world would not have kept me running for 20 years.

This is why so many exercise and diet programs fail…the starting place is not from true and deep desire.

When we start from deep desire, when we connect to the calling of our 2.23am moments, and wrap this desire in a blanket of clear intention…at some point will power as a condiment might be necessary and useful.


PS. Hiro Boga’s premier program, Become Your Own Business Advisor, commences September 15th 2014. She will teach a free preview teleclass, Create with Power, on Wednesday, Sep. 3rd at 10 am PT. Sign up for the preview teleclass, and read more in-depth information about BYOBA here.

Photo credit: Tord Sollie via Compfight

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