Wisdom is the map maker

Knowledge speaks and wisdom listens.

Curiosity and accumulation of knowledge fuels youth, no matter your age.

Like mana to the energy factories of the cells, continuous learning, childlike questions and the capacity to sit with the unknown is the elixir of youth.

Wisdom is the map maker. The pattern reader. The one who has soaked in the experience of life and questioned the path, the pain, standing willingly in the debris of mistakes, learning from them till the lesson is transmuted to the known.

We need knowledge and wisdom.

In our world obsessed with youth, few seek counsel from those who know eldership. The perennials, the timeless and ageless, wise and curious, learned and experienced. Not seeking fame or fortune, knowing that the real wealth is in the journey, in how we hold each other to the truth of that journey.

October 22nd 2018

Photo taken October 21st 2018