Wise power

Oh, I look around our home planet for wise power.

It cannot be found in the corridors of government, where power has been corrupted, and wisdom is considered irrelevant.

Nor do we find it in the ivory towers of corporatism. Power is with those who have accumulated the biggest financial balance sheet. Wisdom never entered the building.

Money and might do not make wise power. The incentive for profit is corrupting eventually.

I look at communities that pull together against the odds, scratching existence out of nothing. I can see wisdom there. 

But power is limited, as the voices of the marginalised go unheard. Again and again.

I look to those who have wisdom and access – platforms that privilege the amplification of their voice. Most often, these people represent the same dominating power structures that rule our world. White. Men.

This makes me question both their wisdom and power and while they may be worthy of listening to, they discredit themselves by failing to use their platform powers to amplify the voices of those who have wisdom and no access, those speaking for what has not been spoken in places of power for centuries. Women, black and brown people, the young, the creatures, our earth. 

The marriage of wisdom and power is rare.

Yet if there were a need in the world, it would be for wise power. Voices from the margins, those at the greatest effect. Diverse voices. No more dominant patriarchy. Patriarchy alone will not provide the solutions to the mess they created, no matter how wise they are.

Wise + Power. Missing. Needing to be found. 

Photo Taken October 10th 2023