Within the integrity of our own being we get to express all that we are

Integrity means to hold its shape.

For anything or anyone to be in integrity, we need to hold our shape.

But what does this mean and how do we do it?

Shape requires polarity. A positive and negative charge. Too much negative and we get an explosion. Too much positive and we get collapse.

The amorphous undifferentiated mess of zero polarity has lost all identity. People who are afraid of natural hierarchy, strong boundaries, rigorous feedback, diversity, and the beautiful dance between the strong and vulnerable.

At the personal level, this might play out like this.

We are too nice. Too lax in our boundaries. We do not stand for our value. Our intrinsic worth. As a consequence, there is some form of collapse.


We are trapped in a negative spiral of nasty. Victim, blame, projection. The potential for explosion is very present.

At the enterprise level this might look like..

A lack of clear threshold crossing that offers all participants the choice to be a part of. A threshold crossing that has by design personal and team responsibility and ongoing development built in.

The inability of the steward leader to hold the shape, electing instead to dominate.  An ecology that drains resources, or an enterprise that consumes too much.

Polarity by design brings tension into the shape. The tensive and compressive forces dance together, in what Buckminster Fuller called tensegrity. The tensive force is love, syntropy. The compressive forces are entropic, expansion, diversity.

Within the field of the shape we can birth ideas that are held in the tensegrity of love. Place the shape into an ecology of support and we flourish.

Within the integrity of our own being we get to express all that we are.

February 13th 2020

Photo taken February 11th, 2020