Without love

Morning coffee, warming up after a dawn midwinter surf. One of those days. Endless blue sky. Warm sun. Heart bursting with plenty. 

Sitting in our coffee shop, retro music playing in the background.

Long Train Running, from the Doobie Brothers. Without love, where would you be now?

Without love.

I remember the times in my life I felt love was lost to me. A gaping cavity in my chest, a soul yearning without end.

Love is never lost to us. Love is metaphysical gravity, said Buckminster Fuller. It is the field. The glue.

It is the warm sun kiss on my cold cheek. The gulls gathered on the water’s edge in the dawn light. The breeze on the ocean penetrating my wetsuit. 

The laughter of friends celebrating life for no reason.

The touch of a hand. The kindness of a smile.

We want love to arrive in some predictable form. To be adored by another. To be the centre of someone’s Universe.

Universe has other plans for us. 

Until we find love everywhere, until our cup of life, no matter the circumstances, overflows with the recognition of love’s presence in all things, until we drink deeply from loves abundant well,  we will remain hollow.

No one can teach us this lesson. We have to find it. 

The Kookaburras laugh. The sun shines.

Without love where will you be now?

Photo Taken June 10th 2023