Without play the world would be bereft

This morning on the beach with two dogs. Running in the waves, splashing, salt and sand.

The insistence that the game is far from over. Miles of beach, far to run, far to play, so many smells, so many waves, each different, each asking to be jumped over, jumped into.

The invitation is always there.

From a child, a dog, or a cat, a fellow adult. To put aside moments of time from our grown-up responsibilities and simply play.

In play we are reunited with the part of ourselves that we often hide in a dark room, neglected.

Goodness knows we do need more adults in the world room.

And yet let us not forsake unbridled joy, delight, spontaneity and delicious mischief-making on our path to making the world better. Without play the world would be bereft.

Play date anyone?

April 2nd 2018


Photo Taken April 2nd 2018