Witness to our patterns

We all develop patterns of behaviour that we have little awareness of.

We can see other people’s patterns more clearly than our own because we are one relationship removed from their pattern. Our pattern is part of us and we are entangled within it.

When someone points out one of our patterns with such clarity that we can, for the first time, objectify it, we are now at choice as to whether this pattern serves us or not.

Our freedom of choice, our ability to move towards higher orders of sovereignty, requires a steady witness to our patterns, our thoughts, our behaviours.

While it is possible to see our patterns through a commitment to self-observation, using such techniques as mediation, journaling, and inquiry, the ability to speed the process requires a witness.

A witness of the patterns that hold us captive is an extraordinary asset to have. Wise to cultivate the pattern seers in your life.

September 21st 2018

Photo taken September 21st 2018