Woken by love songs

As I was running in the pre-dawn dark I heard birds singing their morning song. The unique call of the Australian Magpie, the pure melody of the Butcher Bird.

In our Southern Hemisphere spring, I have a Butcherbird who sits outside my bedroom window and sings love songs well before first light. It is hard to be angry when woken by love songs sung with such purity and intensity.

I felt gratitude towards my warbling friends. Their song interrupted a stream of thoughts that had taken me down into a darker place.

The things that birds do at dawn, sing, and so beautifully, pulled my attention back to here. Back to a whole world waking up for a new day. To the possibility that comes with light.

To beauty, once again, saving the world. My world. Our world. If we let it.

Beautiful world. Loving it. Respecting it. Partnering with it.

This, at least this, is what our future asks us to do today.

August 27th 2018

Photo Taken August 27th 2017