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Graduates in 25 countries, classes offered in times to cover the world. Sign up here to stay up to date with new workshops and scheduling.





The Live Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass

Next cohort commencing September 12|13th 2022

This Masterclass will change the way you see and do business and enterprise.

Applying the Laws of Nature – tested over billions of years – to enterprise design and human coordination.

This is our foundational program and the jumping point into the Syntropic Blue Community – a community of brilliant wholehearted people building Syntropic Enteprises.



Synergistic Accounting Workshop

Next cohort commencing July 25|26th 2022

Change your relationship to money, value, accounting, contribution, power, equity, control and provisioning.

Never again place money as the arbiter of all value.

Be sure that love, beauty and well-being are on the balance sheet.

Learn to provision through a new metric of abundance rather than the scarcity of money only.



Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion

Next cohort commencing September 19th 2022

Advance your skills and ability to speak truth with compassion, to say NO and YES without ambiguity, to hold yourself and others to account, to stand comfortably in silence and so much more.



The ON-Demand Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass

On your time, in your time. Access the entire Masterclass material any time, in your time.

Access to our Community house, Syntropia.

Revist the material as often as you like.

Option to upgrade to the Live Masterclass any time after purchase. Fee for Live Masterclass minus fee for On Demand Masterclass = how much you pay to access the Live Masterclass.


What workshop is right for you?

Let’s schedule a 1-1 call for 15 minutes to discuss the BEST options for you. Email

“Thank you and immense gratitude for all you bring and all you are, including your unique capacity to stir, inspire, model and lead towards a way more sensible, sensitive, sustainable, sensuous and decidedly un-separate world.”

Peter Lustig collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer

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