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The Live Syntropic Enterprise Foundations Masterclass

Next cohort commencing late  2024

See possibility that you could not see before

Access a roadmap to creating wildly successful teams

Prevent business partnerships from failing

Become a better leader learning stewardship

Find your purpose and live your life’s work

Practical help and inspiration to create a business that serves everyone and the future

Live your values all the way up down and through

Restore any area of broken integrity

Communicate with skill



Synergistic Accounting Workshop

Next cohort commencing 2024

Change your relationship to money, value, accounting, contribution, power, equity, control and provisioning.

Never again place money as the arbiter of all value.

Be sure that love, beauty and well-being are on the balance sheet.

Learn to provision through a new metric of abundance rather than the scarcity of money only.



Dare to Care – Radical Truth with Compassion

Next cohort commencing late 2024

“​George Bernard Shaw said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Many leaders rationalise that people know what they mean or want without clearly speaking it. Their fears stop them but they rationalise their actions with excuses. Communication can inspire or deflate, can connect or deflect, and can keep us small in our positions and life when our hearts want more. Your program can open minds, hearts, and the courageous guts of for us all.” Recent graduate


The ON-Demand Syntropic Enterprise Foundations Masterclass

On your time, in your time. Access the entire Masterclass material any time, in your time.

Access to our Community house, Syntropia.

Revist the material as often as you like.

Option to upgrade to the Live Masterclass any time after purchase. Fee for Live Masterclass minus fee for On Demand Masterclass = how much you pay to access the Live Masterclass.


What workshop is right for you?

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“Thank you and immense gratitude for all you bring and all you are, including your unique capacity to stir, inspire, model and lead towards a way more sensible, sensitive, sustainable, sensuous and decidedly un-separate world.”

Peter Lustig collaborative practitioner, mediator, lawyer