A curious event has happened in the past few weeks at the end of my squad swim session. It is summer here in Australia, and even at 7 a.m. the sun is shining, the temperature is up and the water is perfect.

Being a natural water baby, I recently spontaneously decided, after 17 years of 3 X per week swimming, to take my swim cap off, put my finz on, and dolphin swim underwater, just for the pleasure of it. To feel the water in my hair, the sun though the water, the smoothness of the movement. Freedom. Deliciousness. Delight.

Out of nowhere came this thought about how far I could go underwater without taking a breath. I decided to play with this.

When I take a deep breath and get all focused, determined to go further, I fall short.

When I relax, breath easy, no panic or rush, very little effort and no specific goal I can make 25 meters. The key is ZERO effort. Relax. Stop trying. Just enjoy it, be it, let go. Probably also because the intention was play, not outcome.

My best marathon times have been when I have stopped trying, let go and run to my own rhythm, without looking at a watch.

Is there a message here?  Hmm…

My most favourite character in the world of movies is Yoda. (Closely followed by the Scrat in Iceage.)

Yoda….Do, or do not. There is no try.

The Scrat….sheer bloody determination, effort, trying…never really making it, but providing huge entertainment as he continually works his arse off to get the nut.

Trying is effort. Effort is waste of energy.

There is something very important about relaxing, letting go, not trying.

My life has taken Scrat’s path far more than Yoda. Maybe it’s time to change.

Do, or do not, there is no try. Chill, relax, trust. You will go further. Sage business advise?

What do you think?

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