What is the gap between what you are capable of doing, and what you are doing? What is the fullest expression of your pattern integrity? If we used a scale to measure this, with 10 being fully expressing our pattern integrity, and zero  not expressing it at all, where are you on the scale? The gap describes all of our latent potential. It is the difference between who we really are, and what gets in the way of that.

Let’s begin by describing your pattern integrity. The unique voice that you have. Your own song line that can only be heard in a certain way. If you are visual, describe your pattern integrity in words, and pictures. Give him or her a name. Hold this name as deeply private, not to be shared except with a few very of your closest confidants.

As I mentioned in last weeks blog, my pattern integrity is very tall, very light, very joyous, and very beautiful. She is radiant and loving. If she danced, it would be a waltz. Or classical ballet. The music she would dance to would be the sound of the ocean, a piano, violin, and harp, with the sound of the wind thrown in for good measure. Or a song that called forth beauty and grace. She has great kindness in her, compassion to last lifetimes, and wisdom to know how to be in all situations with dignity. She is also fierce in her love. There is a trustworthiness that is deeper than any ocean. When I think of her everything about me softens, all the hard edges go away. Anxiety disappears, trust is restored, peace is present.

Every day I begin my day with a meditation that invites my connection with her to be present. I feel her through me. She is me. She is the equivalent to the ‘David’ that was already present in the marble block that Michelangelo carved. His job as the artist was to focus on the presence of the unseen but felt ‘David’, trusting that if he removed all of the excess marble, the magnificence of David would be revealed.

I start my day with the invitation and invocation of calling her to be fully me…or me to be fully expressed as her, which is truth.

When she is present I am at a 10 in my expression. For the rest of the day, the task is to notice the gap between her presence and what I am allowing myself to express, which is often far from her presence.

If I happen to catch myself getting wonky, being in fear, anger, frustration, blame, victim….I can call on her to be present. I can breath into her. I call her by name. Or by visual imagery, or by feeling her. This of course takes commitment and practice. I have been ignoring her for decades, so to remember to catch myself when I am far away from her takes conscious choice.

If I am feeling very off centre, or confused, or seeking clear sighted guidance, then I can evoke her presence. Ideally I do this by finding a quiet space, and feeling her presence. I then ask her a direct question, the more specific the better. My personal preference is to write the question down, so I can craft the question to be clear, precise, and directed. Then I write the answer that comes to me, without any form of editing. To not edit is very important. Our ego likes to edit, or argue, or disagree. Once I have written down the answer, if I really want I can invite my ego in for the counter argument. I have learned that the more I trust the answer from her, the more my life moves in harmony with who I really am. The ego has its own agenda, and usually that is based on playing in the lower levels of a 2 or a 3 on our scale of 10.

Every person has their own pattern integrity, their own all knowing, all powerful, all wise self. This is available to us all of the time. We see this present in the eyes of a newly born baby. The question is, do we have the willingness and commitment to turn down all the other noise in our life so we can tune into that aspect of self? Most of the time we do not. We stay in the noise.

In Part 3 of this series, we will look at the pattern integrity present in all relationships, animate and inanimate, and how to tune into these. While this all may sound very ‘new agey’ and woo woo, this work is deeply embedded in physics and science. The quantum field, entanglement, morphic resonance…these are other ways to express what we are describing. Anyone who has worked with teams knows that a team has its own unique pattern integrity. Include one more person, or have one person leave, and the pattern integrity of that team changes. We will discuss how to leverage the pattern integrity of teams, relationships, and systems, so that the unique DNA expression is given an opportunity to flourish, or, if needs be, to be adapted.