Young leaders rising

As the temperature rises in the global South, heralding beach days, ocean swims and mangos.

I think of the world. Babies born. Weddings had. Funerals happening. Another birthday done.


Crazy. Stunning. Challenging. Hard. Joyous. Mysterious.


Amid the noise of chaos, the seeds of hope might be found.

Young leaders rising. Standing in the full storm of trolls, unflinching. Knowing who they are and the task at hand.

Refusing to bend to low. Refusing to become the troll. Instead, holding nerve against the onslaught, dignified. Focused. They see a future that enables all human and Earth thriving.

People on the streets, protesting for a more considered care of our future, for the future of the planet, when our elected leaders have turned away to bicker over their spoils seeking to hold their power as the priority.

We citizens are not so easily fooled.

There is an awakening. It is youthful. Hopeful. Energised in the wake of outrageous greed and cruel exploitation.

My bare sandy feet, walking Earth, knows that change is a foot. Grass roots led.

We the people. We are waking.

November 25th 2018

Photo taken November 25th 2018