It’s time. Now is the time. We are being called to action.

Do you hear it? Do you heed it?

I am in the process of building a business. It has been in the incubation stage for 21 months. I have a lot of fear around elements of it, as it takes me way out of my comfort zone. The fear stops me. I get into this cycle of overthinking. And then I overthink the overthinking. Is that familiar to you?

Last night I called on the pattern integrity of the tribe we are building the business for. (Pattern integrity is taken from the work of Bucky Fuller….that everything has a pattern integrity to it. A tree, you, me, the knot in a rope. It is the geometry of a something that exists. Two people who form a team have their own pattern integrity. Add an extra person and the pattern integrity changes.)

I wanted to tune into the pattern integrity of the tribe about the brand name we are working on. I wanted to be 100% sure this was the way to go.

By the way, the brand we have been considering is ‘2.23AM’. Well as irony would have it I was awake from 2 till 3. It was a very busy night. It became clear that 2.23AM is the right name. But it needs, for now, a bi-line.

I believe that every business we create has a fractal of us in it. We might be serving an audience out there, but we are also serving us.

What came screaming from the depths of my unconscious as I was both awake and asleep was the call to action. I was awake because I was being called to action. The tribe we are seeking to invite to connect through this business is being called to action.

Contemplation has a very important (daily) place. And, for me, and this business, it is time to act. The hard work of contemplation and getting the foundations right have been done.

Why Act?

This is a very important question. When the why is big enough, people will do anything.

The whole why of this business we are creating is because business as usual is screwing the planet and its people.

Given that…

We have to act to restore dignity to our work places. To take the money out of politics. To have business CARE about people, community, the future, nature. To enable opportunity for all human beings and not just the wealthy and connected. To educate children to be creative and whole, and not clones of the industrial system. To think for themselves. To design communities, cities and buildings that are life enhancing, and net zero energy. All of these things…and more.

We already have the technology and the know how…do we have the will?

Now is the time to act.


A call to action


Photo credit: Creative Commons License Jason Hargrove via Compfight

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